My Life

Belgrade, January the 12th 1982. On that day I was born. That day my parents got a second son. At that moment, my brother Aleksander was already six years old. He would immediately become my idol. I joined him everywhere. Everything that he did, I had to see it. You know, I even wore his T-shirts! And they were three sizes too big. When I now look back, I can’t stop smiling.

My family is just very important for me. My mom, Olgica, and my dad, Miodrag, taught me to have respect for everybody, to take responsibility when is necessary and to don’t lie. I got a very religious education. I’m Christen Orthodox, but I have respect for people who believe in something else.


At the age of seven, I decided to play football. It was my own choice. My father knew very soon that it was serious. Although I dreamed of a career as striker, I played from the beginning as a goalkeeper. I stayed one season in FC Zarkovo and then I went to FK Rad Belgrade. It was far from home, one hour and a half. First on the bus, than I had to take another one and finally a trolleybus. Sometimes my father brought me. He worked as a cabdriver. On my way to the training, I made my homework for school. I was a normal student. Not the smartest, but also not the dumbest. But everything changed after the death of my father. He died when I was twelve years old. Suddenly I lost my best friend. The men I always talked with about everything. When my dad was gone, I took my responsibility for my family, because my mother was very sick. Everybody thought that she would die too. It was a difficult period for me. I didn’t want to lose my girlfriend! Because I couldn’t live from playing football, I decided to start working. I wanted to prove to my father that I could take care of my family. Four years I worked, played football and studied. Never a day off. Sometimes I ran away from school to go to work. Where I worked? I started as a constructor, then I sold clothes and after that hamburgers. I couldn’t sleep, because I didn’t have time. I just went home to give money and tried to sleep in the bus or in the locker room.

Amateur contract

It didn’t take long before the club knew that something was wrong. They thought that I used drugs or drank alcohol. But I was embarrassed to tell the truth. I taught that my teammates would laugh with me. One day, somebody of the club saw me selling hamburgers. I had to tell my story. I was 16 years old on that moment. The board decided to give me semi-professional contract. It was enough to survive. Two years later, I signed a 5-year deal.

Proud dad

Everything is fine now with my mom. I call her a lot, since I decided in June 2007 to play football in Belgium. I signed for AA Gent. Five months earlier I became for the first time father of a girl: Masa. It wasn’t easy in the beginning in Belgium, because I had to miss my wife and daughter due to visa-problems. May the 14th 2009 Masa got a sister: Mia. Since the beginning of December 2011 my wife Maja and I have a son: Luka. I’m the happiest father in the whole world.

Not only in my private life, but also in my career everything goes well. It’s a real honor to play for the Serbia national team. Pity we couldn’t qualify for the European Championship. In November 2011 I exchanged AA Gent for Club Brugge. Not an easy decision, but I had the opportunity to sign a 4,5-year deal. And Club Brugge is a big name in Belgium!


Last but not least, I would like to thank you, fans. You gave me my identity. Without your support, I would never have reached what I reached so far. Hopefully we’ll have a lot of highlights in the future. Take care everyone and all the best!


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